Honor and Memorial

There are many ways to give to Children & Families of Iowa and support its mission of restoring hope, building futures and changing lives. Some people choose to make gifts in honor or memory of a loved one. These generous donations are terrific ways to show appreciation for the honoree while furthering Children & Families of Iowa’s important cause.

In Honor Of

July 1, 2019 – June 30, 2020

In honor of Sean Abramowitz
Patricia   Smith

In honor of Kent Altena
Damian Hasak

In honor of Ryan Carvalho
Now This IS Wrestling

In honor of Jesus Christ
Dianna Jennings

In honor of Lori Dirks
Eric Dirks

In honor of The Douglas Family
Janice Douglas

In honor of Kristen Eekhoff
Stephen and Elizabeth Howell

In honor of Danny and Pamela Ferry
David and Brenda Lansinger

In honor of Meheret Grau
Julie and Chris Grau

In honor of Dr. Gloria J. Gray
Dianne Fagner

In honor of Jeremy Neswold
Robert and Lynn Neswold

In honor of John Owens
Morningstar, Inc.

In honor of Jyoti Pandey
Aabriti Pandey

In honor of Howard Peters
Steve and Randi Peters

In honor of PFG RIS Football Pool
Mark Vavra

In honor of Charlotte Pritchard
Sheryl Bartleman

In honor of Nicole Russell
Adrienne Greenwald

In honor of Robert R. Russell, II
Beverly Russell Fisher

In honor of Roxann Ryan
Lauren McCarthy

In honor of Alyssa Shane
Gregory Shane

In honor of Saralyn Sue Smith
Fred and Fran Smith

In honor of Tobin Jay Smith
Fred and Fran Smith

In honor of Marie Spieler
Steven and Kimberly Baltes

In honor of Tennis No Tennis Friends
Jaey and Brenda Sedlacek

In honor of The Uline Family
Steve and Nancy Uline

In honor of Kenneth Weber
Brooke Weber

In honor of Brent Willett
Lori Ristau

In honor of Nova Williams
Verda Williams

In honor of COVID 19 Front Line Workers



In Memory Of

July 1, 2019 – June 30, 2020


In memory of Steven Arens
Melissa Tangen

In memory of Rachel Barrett
Barbara Barrett
Ann Sakaguchi

In memory of Larry L. Bass
Cynthia Bass

In memory of Sharon Beecher

In memory of Anne Boye
Arthur Turner

In memory of Becky Braesch
Andrea and Berneil Colorado

In memory of Douglas Bruning
Kerry Bruning

In memory of Robert and Greta Bumann
David and Brenda Lansinger

In memory of Tina Campbell
John and Barbara Campell

In memory of Judy and Joe Carney
Ron and Clarice Rubek

In memory of Libby Caufield
Ann Sparks

In memory of Joy Coe

In memory of Betty Cossitt

In memory of Jim Douglas
Janice Douglas

In memory of Arnold Engman
Karen Engman

In memory of Linda Garlock
Kathy Stettler

In memory of Joyce Ann Gesiriech
Elizabeth Kegler

In memory of Rosalia Greco LaBella
James and Angela Romig

In memory of Dorothy Hess
Paula and Keith Light

In memory of Aunt Jeanne
Raelan and Sharon Schweinefus

In memory of Terry R. Johnson
Thomas Press and Donna Paulsen

In memory of Ken Kopecky
Betty Kopecky

In memory of Merle and Helen Kreager
Michael and Priscilla Kreager

In memory of Lisa Krogwold
Sandra and Larry Smith

In memory of Holly Kruger
Dennis Kruger

In memory of Phil and Jodi Kruger
Dennis Kruger

In memory of Carl LaBella
James and Angela Romig

In memory of Dasharath Man Singh

In memory of Dorothy Moline
William and Joan Moline

In memory of Richard Charles Morley
Ray Morley

In memory of Herbert Murphy
Pauline Murphy

In memory of David E. Noth
Steffany and Mike Mohan

In memory of Gary Oeth
Michael Barnes
Columbus Academy
Joann Ivanovich
Diane Lukasik
Michael and Mary Mahoney
Diana and David Neubauer
Patti Oeth
Linda and William Pennington
Phil and Kathy Rossman
Anne and Gary Schreiber
Steven Smith
Jane Sukup

In memory of Sharon Parriott
Susan and David Spalding

In memory of Barbara Peters
Steve and Randi Peters

In memory of Phyllis Sondergard
Melissa Reade

In memory of Deene Spieler
Marie Spieler

In memory of Bruce H. Staples
Marilyn Staples

In memory of Rowena Taylor
Diane Jensen

In memory of Randall and
Martha Thompson
Steve and Randi Peters

In memory of Kimberly A. Traylor
Joseph Traylor

In memory of Elizabeth Turner
Arthur Turner

In memory of Jeff Van Ommen
Kathy Ahnen
Dale and Joann
Van Ommen

In memory of David L. Vogel
Mary Vogel Brown

In memory of James T. Weymiller
Franklin and Jean Weymiller

In memory of Jeanette Winkleblack
D. Colleen Haug

In memory of Jeff Zimpleman
Kristin Gallagher